Rumor’s Comedy Cast #028 – Mike Wilmot

Jordan sits down with Mike Wilmot this week. Mike Wilmot is a legend in Canadian comedy, he’s been in more Just For Laughs “Nasty Shows” than probably anyone. He’s been performing in England for years, and his clever, direct and rough way of presenting himself is all part of who he is.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #027 – Paul Myrehaug

On this week’s episode, comedian Paul Myrehaug has been touring for 15 years and gives host Dan Verville some pro tips, rules for the road, and explains why hotel clerks think he may be a murderer.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #026 – Chris Locke

On this week’s episode, Jordan sits down with Chris Locke to talk about renaming the Winnipeg Jets hockey franchise, growing up on movie man dates with their fathers, and how Justin Bieber cured his acne with chemotherapy.