Rumor’s Comedy Cast #032 – Darryl Lenox

Jordan Welwood sits down with Darryl Lenox, a legend in Canadian comedy, truly one of the best. He’s been coming to Rumor’s Comedy Club since 1996, every single year.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #031 – Andy Noble

Rumor’s Comedy Club every year hosts… Winnipeg’s Funniest Person With A Day Job competition!
Andy Noble took the stage tonight with the other finalists and won Winnipeg’s Funniest – so we sat him down with Dan Glasswick a Rumor’s host and past winner of the very same competition!
Dan Glasswick awkwardly and hilariously navigates this talk where Andy Noble shares how he became interested in comedy, what got him to the point of winning this competition, and where he plans to go next!

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #030 – Steve Dylan

On this week’s Rumor’s Comedy Cast our host Jordan Welwood talks to Steve Dylan about how he gave up his career and abandoned his engineering degree to pursue comedy!

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #029 – Chantel Marostica

Chantel Marostica was the first female host at Rumor’s Comedy Club, and she’s back in town to headline! Jordan Welwood and Chantel talk about her coming back to her roots in Winnipeg, and establishing herself in the comedy scene of every city she’s made the move to.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #028 – Mike Wilmot

Jordan sits down with Mike Wilmot this week. Mike Wilmot is a legend in Canadian comedy, he’s been in more Just For Laughs “Nasty Shows” than probably anyone. He’s been performing in England for years, and his clever, direct and rough way of presenting himself is all part of who he is.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #027 – Paul Myrehaug

On this week’s episode, comedian Paul Myrehaug has been touring for 15 years and gives host Dan Verville some pro tips, rules for the road, and explains why hotel clerks think he may be a murderer.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #025 – Tom Rhodes

On this week’s episode Ben Walker chats with Tom Rhodes about doing comedy around the world. Tom is quite the traveler and has several great stories from all over.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #024 – Damonde Tschritter

On this week’s episode Jordan Welwood chats with Damonde Tschritter about the time a Baldwin brother threw an answering machine at him, being upstaged by Tim Allen, and stabbed with a fork by his girlfriend.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #023 – Phil Hanley

On this week’s episode Jordan Welwood chats with Phil Hanley about Jerry Seinfeld’s opinion about Political Correctness & being attacked on stage by a woman.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #022 – Greg Warren

On this week’s episode Jordan Welwood pushes drugs continually on Greg Warren!