Rumor’s Comedy Cast #021 – Bil Dwyer

On this week’s episode Bil Dwyer talks about a poker cheating comedy club owner and has some laughs with Jordan Welwood.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #020 – Derek Seguin

On today’s Comedy Cast, Derek Seguin teases Jordan Welwood about “French Canada”, there’s some fun with Russian translation, and Derek’s kids music choices.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #019 – Ryan Belleville

On this week’s Comedy Cast, Jordan sits down with Canadian TV & Movie star, Ryan Belleville. Jordan gets Ryan to talk about a joke he never tells, involving baby sh*t.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #018 – Bobby Slayton

Today’s episode Bobby Slayton talks to Dan about how he got the voice over role for Family Guy, his experience as the voice of the Pink Panther, and says some things he wishes he didn’t say about Demi Lovato.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #016 – Darrin Rose

On this week’s episode Dan Verville chats with Darrin Rose about getting drunk on Match Game, picking up kids in a van, and Producer John interrupts the video.

Rumor’s Comedy Cast #015 – Jon Dore

This week, Dan Verville chats with Jon Dore about bringing the house down, his favourite show to record & his past history with murder.



Rumor’s Comedy Cast #014 – Mike Lawrence

This week’s episode Dan Verville sits down with Mike Lawrence to debate Star Wars vs Space Balls, Pro Wrestling vs Comedy and what it’s like to work with Jon Oliver.

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Rumor’s Comedy Cast #013 – Harland Williams

On this week’s episode Jordan Welwood has a surprisingly silly chat with Harland Williams about being Canadian, having a hammerhead shark for a sister, and his rigorous workout routine.


Rumor’s Comedy Cast #012 – Ian Bagg

In this week’s episode Dan Verville chats with Ian Bagg about playing hockey with a chimpanzee, how he does comedy wrong, and tells Michael Bay to shut up!



Rumor’s Comedy Cast #011 – Chad Daniels

On this week’s episode, Jordan chats with Chad Daniels about audience members airing their grievances after the show and being 100% of the comedian 50% of the time.