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Winnipeg's Funniest Person with a Day Job Finals is SOLD OUT

I have more fun in Winnipeg at Rumor's than anywhere else on the planet. See ya at The Pal!

Kelly Taylor

By far the #1 comedy club in North America.

Darryl Lenox

To everyone at Rumors sure glad the heat wave broke by the weekend! Thanks

Jerry Seinfeld

Rumor’s, Thanks everything! (and the beer)

Derek Edwards

Hey Rumors see you in 10 years!!! Love you guys

Dave Coulier

Dear Rumors, you are my place in Winnipeg for barium enemas.

Emo Philips

Rumors Rules! Thanks

Greg Proops

Thanks Rumors!!!!! Love the Peg!

Tom Green

To Rumors! Thanks again, Love Brad

Brad Garrett

To Rumors, pandas and pegs! What a week Thanks

Jeff Foxforthy

Thanks Rumors, you kinda rule!

Brian Posehn

By far the #1 comedy club in North America.

Darryl Lenox

Tyler! Thanks much my friend. Love your old school club

Bryan Callen

To Tyler and the crew Rumors what a great room! Thanks!

Louie Anderson

58 hours without leaving my hotel room is that a record? Just Towel!!!

Brent Butt

I love your old school club.

Rob Schneider

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